The 100 Club
at Widnes Golf Club

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100 Club Purchases 2004 - 2019

Did you know the One Hundred Club paid out a total of £2760 last year alone in prizes to FIFTY SEVEN winners ?t the same time we funded £4930 worth of improvements to your Club. We provided funds for the new first tee, new rakes and staff uniforms and a new boiler in the mens changing room.For the cost of £1.25p a week, you could be in with a chance of winning a top prize of £100 ! Or runners up prizes of £50, £25 or £15. And that’s every month with an extra £100 prize every quarter and THREE TIMES the number of prizewinners in the Christmas Draw!

So why not call into the office or drop an email to and you could be one of our next winners.

To see the improvement made by our 100 Club members, please have a look at the 100 Club Purchases document below.

100 Club May Draw

List of Prize Winners

£100 - S Goulding
£50 – T Pybus
£25 – D Jones
£25 – A Giles

Drawn by Martin Walsh on 13th May 2024

100 Club March Draw

List of Prize Winners

£100 - F McNabb
£50 – S Goulding
£25 – C Hallam
£25 – R Billinge

Drawn by J Lindsey on 18th March 2024

100 Club February Draw

List of Prize Winners

£100 L Morris
£50 D Walker
£25 N Evans
£25 K Dyson

Drawn by F Alcock on 12th February 2024

100 Club January Draw

List of Prize Winners

£100 K Butler
£50 M O'Shaughnessy
£25 J Stockton
£25 N Buckton

Drawn by Eric Wall on 15th January 2024

100 Club November Draw

List of Prize Winners

£100 S Jones
£50 N Speed
£25 G Ellis
£25 J Aisncough

Drawn by D Bond 13th November 2023

100 Club Quarterly Draw

100 Club Quarterly October Draw

£100 K McGinty
£50 B Swindley
£50 M Wyatt
£50 D Shepherd
£50 N Tillet

Drawn by Fiona (Bar Staff)
11th October 2023

100 Club Sept Draw

Sept Prize Draw

£100 R Billinge
£50 J Lindsay
£25 S Jones
£25 A Potter

Drawn by Billy glover
Monday 11th September 2023

100 Club July Draw

List of Prize Winners

£100 T Karalius
£50 S McIver (Professional)
£50 J Ogburn
£50 N Goulding
£25 D Whalley
£25 C Bostock

Drawn by Vin Jackson
12th July 2023

100 Club June Draw

List of Prize Winners:

£100 I Connolly
£50 G Shaw-binns
£25 A Giles
£25 B Pybus

Drawn by the Professional Ste McIver
Tuesday 13th June 2023

100 Club May Draw

List of prize winners

£100 T chambers
£50 C Hallam
£25 K Dyson
£25 A Smith

Drawn by Jim Mills
9th May 2023

100 Club April Quarterly Draw

List of prize winners

£100 G Bellair
£50 C Harkin
£50 Mrs D Jones
£50 T Karalius
£25 M Wyatt
£25 S Rose

Drawn by Anne Johnston
Tuesday 11th April 2023

100 Club March Draw

March Prize Draw

£100 Mrs J Ainscough
£50 Mr N Tillett
£25 Mr S Polhill
£25 Mr D roberts

Drawn by Harry Cummins
Monday 13th March 2023

100 Club February Draw

List of Prize Winners

£100 A Hunt
£50 D roberts
£25 N Evans
£25 John Mawer

Drawn by Gordan Ellis on 13th February 2023